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BluBac—the safer and more effective iron bacteria removal chemical

Iron Bacteria Problems and BluBac

Irrigation pipe from dirty bore BluBac Logo

BluBac bore cleaner, the ready-to-use bore cleaning product we manufacture and sell, restores iron-blocked wells in 3 ways:

  • BluBac bore cleaner removes iron bacteria and dissolves iron bacterial iron biofilm deposits.
  • BluBac bore cleaner dissolves iron and other mineral scale build-up, even that from calcium and magnesium minerals;
  • BluBac bore cleaner contains a chelating or sequestering agent that keeps iron and other minerals in solution, preventing them combining chemically with other minerals and dropping out of solution to clog up your bore again. BluBac ensures that all the mineral scale dissolved remains in the solution during the entire treatment and is removed from your bore;
  • Residual BluBac chemicals in purged water biodegrade within a few days of treatment. The minerals dissolved are readily available to plants as nutrients.

Other Benefits:

Waterwell Solutions

BluBac bore cleaner ready to service a large local government bore.
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Safety: No exposure to raw chemicals. The liquid formulation makes mixing unnecessary.

Not classed as a dangerous good (ADG) for transport.

Environment: Residual products biodegrade in just a few days. No copper or chlorine chemicals to cause you problems.

Effectiveness: The chemical make-up allows BluBac to penetrate the bacterial bio-film further and faster than other products.

Efficiency: Saves time and labour costs

Cleaning a bore can be a no mix, no fuss, one-man operation.
Simply pump or pour the required amount of BluBac down the casing then circulate or surge.

Our clients include government and mining sectors. We offer BluBac from Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin and Launceston.

Remember: In ideal conditions, iron related bacteria populations can double in just a few days. It can take some time for the population to block 50% of a bore or pump, but double the population just once more and you have 100% blockage.

Iron related bacteria feed on dissolved iron and can quickly grow a voluminous material that plugs screens and pumps. Left unchecked this can render a water well unusable.

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To contact us:   Phone: Perth (08) 6103 8530 or Sydney (02) 8061 6339
Fax: (08) 6314 6611   E-mail: info@waterwellsolutions.com.au

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