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BluBac—the safer and more effective iron bacteria removal chemical

Mineral Scale Problems and BluBac

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Calcium precipitated by other cleaners
can clog the pump. BluBac doesn't. BluBac Logo

Groundwater moving through rock, soil, gravels and sands gradually dissolves mineral salts . After many years the groundwater may be nearly saturated with some minerals. Any change in the conditions of the groundwater, such as those caused when pumping from an aquifer, may cause deposition of these minerals. These deposits often form a hard brittle cement-like “scale” similar to that found in some water pipes or the bottoms of kettles.

BluBac bore cleaner removes mineral deposits such as carbonates and hydroxides common in bores, pumps and irrigation systems. These deposits can reduce the efficiency of water flow, costing time and money due to extended running times and premature failure of pumps.

BluBac bore cleaner, the product we manufacture and sell, restores wells in 3 ways:

  • BluBac bore cleaner dissolves mineral scale build-up such as from iron, calcium and magnesium;
  • BluBac bore cleaner contains a chelating or sequestering agent that keeps metal ions in solution. This agent prevents the minerals combining chemically with other ions and clogging in your bore. It ensures that all the scale dissolved remains in the solution during the entire treatment and is removed from your bore with the treatment water; Note: BluBac also works well in “hard water” wells with dissolved calcium.
  • BluBac bore cleaner contains an excellent bactericide that simultaneously kills iron bacteria while dissolving bacterial iron deposits.
Waterwell Solutions

If left, mineral deposits can become become a serious problem.
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Other Benefits:

Safety: No exposure to raw chemicals. The liquid formulation makes mixing unnecessary. Not classed as a dangerous good (ADG) for transport.

Environment: Residual products biodegrade in just a few days. No copper or chlorine chemicals to cause you problems.

Effectiveness: BluBac Boreclean isn't compromised by high calcium levels in the water. Some other bore cleaners generate an insoluble calcium precipitate in the bore.

Efficiency: Saves time and labour costs

Cleaning a bore can be a no mix, no fuss, one-man operation. Simply pump or pour the required amount of BluBac down the casing then circulate or surge.

Our clients include government and mining sectors. Give us a call.

To learn more about bacteria in waterwells click here.

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