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BluBac—the safer and more effective iron bacteria removal chemical

Other Bore Products:- X-Fe | Clearbore

X-Fe Iron, Bore Stain & Rust Stain Remover and Clearbore Granular Bore and Pump Cleaner

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Iron-rich bore water and rusty metal leave unsightly stains that build up over time and become impossible to remove with normal cleansers or those other products that call themselves iron stain removers!

Waterwell Solutions

X-Fe and X-Fe Forte products remove iron and rust stains quickly and easily without hard scrubbing.

X-Fe products work by dissolving the iron precipitate from bore water, old metal, or a stain on the driveway from a leaking radiator that causedthe stain.

X-Fe is simple to apply. Paint or spray onto the surface, leave for a while and the stain will disappear. No need to scrub!

X-Fe cleans up ceramic tiles and porcelain, outdoor furniture, boats and other non-porous surfaces.

Use X-Fe Forte For concrete, driveways, sandstone and other porous surfaces.

X-Fe products have a pleasant aroma and are completely biodegradable.

As one happy customer says : "X-Fe takes away that horrible dirty, brown appearance that bore water stains leave and it is all done within minutes of its application. It really is a wonderful product."

X-Fe and X-Fe Forte are available in 1 litre & 5 litre containers.

X-Fe: 16-20 m2/litre.
X-Fe Forte: Varies depending on the material porosity.

The Benefits of Using X-Fe & X-Fe Forte:

  • The time spent on trying to remove iron and rust stains is excessive - so much so that only half a job is done or no attempt is made at all!
  • With the advent of X-Fe the removal of the stains need not be a special job. It can be incorporated into a regular cleaning programme.
  • It is not necessary to use X-Fe every day, after the initial removal of the stain X-Fe needs only to be applied when the stain reappears.
  • The benefits of using X-Fe are many - it is a user-friendly product with a pleasant aroma, no astringent fumes, completely biodegradable and very cost effective.
  • X-Fe is well accepted by people who use it. They are amazed that X-Fe is so easy to use, no hard scrubbing is needed and it can be used on any surface.
  • X-Fe & X-Fe Forte are manufactured in Australia by an Australian Company.

Signs are meant to be read! Many of our local government and main road signs are barely legible from years of bore stain deposits.

Waterwell Solutions is the WA wholesale distributor for X-Fe Iron and Rust Stain Remover.

Clearbore Water Bore and Pump Cleaner

Clearbore is an economical “you mix and save” biodegradable granular chemical that removes sludge and hard encrustations that result from dissolved iron and iron-related bacteria. You dissolve the granules in a bucket or barrel using a mixing paddle and then tip into your bore as you would with the BluBac liquid borecleaner.

Clearbore will dissolve the blockage simply and easily and allow the pump to return to normal operation within hours.

Clearbore is a cost effective solution when used regularly in the maintenance of water bores and pipelines and reduces power costs by keeping the bore pump working at optimum efficiency.

Every Clearbore container comes with a test kit that will indicate when the bore water is ready for use after a Clearbore treatment.

Waterwell Solutions is the WA wholesale distributor for Clearbore products.

To contact us:   Phone: Perth (08) 6103 8530 or Sydney (02) 8061 6339
Fax: (08) 6314 6611   E-mail: info@waterwellsolutions.com.au

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