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BluBac—the safer and more effective iron bacteria removal chemical

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Testimonial June 2008 - Interview with Andy a repeat BluBac customer.

What is about BluBac that you prefer against other products on the market?

I have used a granular product. It worked well but in the quantities we use, it can take half a day to mix into a solution. If the weather is cold, i.e. below 20oC, it won't dissolve. If the water is exceptionally "hard" it can actually react with the water to form an insoluble lump.

Another product I used developed massive amounts of foam when we were using air -lift water to get treated water out of the bore.

BluBac arrives premixed. I buy it in the 1000L IBC's. It is not classed as a dangerous good. There is no on-site mixing and no foaming. The safety issues that must be managed when mixing chemicals on site do not apply to BluBac. We hook our cam-lock hose from our pump onto the IBC and put the other end of the hose down the bore to the depth where the bio-fouling is impacting the performance of the bore. Once in place we just pump it down. We don't have the environmental and safety risks of spillage that we have with some other products. The main ingredient is derived from an organic material and is fully biodegradable. Also, because it is a liquid we can easily force it back out through the screen and into the formation so we get maximum clearance of the bacteria in the water. Of course knowledge and experience is always an important factor in how well the bore is rehabilitated. We always do careful preparatory work in association with BluBac.

We treated a bore in Parkes NSW with BluBac. It was very badly infected with bacteria and producing well below expected volumes. 12 months later, after our rehabilitation treatment, which included BluBac, a maintenance inspection showed that the screens were still shining clean and the bore was performing well.

Another bore that we rehabilitated with BluBac was in Hillston, NSW. The screen in this bore was badly blocked with bacterial infection in some places, resulting in higher velocity water moving through the screen at other places. This high velocity water was drawing fine silts out from the formation and into the bore where it was causing premature wear on the pump. Treatment with BluBac cleared the bacterial infection resulting in the whole screen becoming open again and the incoming water velocities being lowered accordingly. Production was increased and drawdown decreased. Silts were no longer being mobilised into the bore and the premature pump wear was halted.

A third example was a re-injection well for a heated council swimming pool in Perth, WA. The council was experiencing difficulty with re-injecting the circulating water back into the formation for reheating due the build-up of bacteria on the screen. After brushing, treatment with BluBac and flushing, the reinjection well was restored to better than original performance.

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